Sand Ceremony

Create a Lasting Momento of Your Marriage

Sand Ceremony for Marriage

A Sand Ceremony

Blends Your Souls

With the blending of coloured sands into an ornate glass or crystal vase, you represent the blending of your souls and the merging of your families for all time!

The sand ceremony lends itself to all styles of wedding ceremony. Contact Ronald today to begin exploring and designing your perfect celebration for your marriage!

How the Sand Ceremony sounds:

Celebrant Ronald says: Today you join your two individual lives together as one, forming a new blended family. The separate containers of sand not only represent all of your separate lives, families, and friends, but also your own unique selves and your souls.

They represent all that you are and all that you ever will be as single individuals. They also represent your lives before today, before this moment of unity.

As these containers are poured into the main container you are symbolically joining your lives, that were complete and loving before. Your lives will now be joined to form a larger, stronger, and more loving union.

Just as these grains of sand can never be separated again, so too will you be joined in love and unity, as together you form a lasting foundation.

I now invite you all to create this visual representation of your blended family now.

(The couple, and parents all take turns pouring sand into the larger heart shaped container from the heart shaped bottles of coloured sands.)

Beautiful beach sand, glorious sunrise, and the wonderful blending of people and souls, creates a magical reminder to put on display in your home for all to enjoy!

Beautiful Beach Weddings

The design of your marriage ceremony is very special and personal. Ronald takes the time to work things through with you so that your ceremony flows and is energised with love! Talk to Ronald about having your sand ceremony vase etched with your names and marriage date!

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