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Celebrant Ronald Cruickshank OMC

I just love weddings!

 I have always loved the atmosphere around marriage and weddings. So warm, friendly, connecting… joyful and playful.

I just love being immersed in the energy of loving emotion… the smiles… tears of joy… and watching the couple gaze into each others moist filled eyes as they say their vows… awwww just love it!

I have been conducting weddings since 2012 in an amazing array of venues form a flat rock in the river to a 5 star specialised venue… from Queensland to Tasmania … where will you host your amazing day?

My favourite thing about wedding ceremonies is helping you to create something very special for you as a couple, a ceremony that is unique, personal, filled with love and meaning. Creating beautiful memories that will be cherished for life!

As a marriage celebrant my role is to maintain a high standard of practice. To this end I abide by the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants. Below is an ever growing list of qualifications and services that I am proud to offer you.

I am all about creating beautiful memories for you!

♥ I am a Registered Authorized Marriage Celebrant.

♥ All legal documents and certificates are provided according to the requirements under the Law.

♥ Take the First Step: I will help you to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage Meeting one calendar month or more before your proposed wedding day.

♥ I will provide you with information and brochures about Family and Relationship Services that are available in your area and around the Fraser Coast.

♥ I will provide useful guiding information and help you with your Ceremony Planning and Design – I have an extensive database of ideas, script samples, poetry and pros all in easy to change electronic format!

♥ I will point you in the right direction when it comes to Music and Performance, and Licence arrangements if needed – I have several portable battery powered amplifiers with cord free wireless hand held mic, as well as a lapel button mics and face mics available.

♥ I have access to specialist live music professional artists.

♥ You will receive a Wedding Rehearsal before the big day if you request!

♥ I will Conduct your Ceremony in a professional manner meeting your dreams and desires!

♥ I will assist you by filing and submitting all legal documents as required by the Marriage Act and can order your Official Marriage Certificate at the same time.

♥ I ensure your privacy, comfort and confidentiality throughout the entire process and storing your information securely.

♥ I provide opportunities for, and value, your feedback.

Custom Ceremonies Uniquely Designed to Celebrate

the Joy Filled Love You Share

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Marriage Counsellor and Celebrant Ronald Cruickshank
Ronald Cruickshank Celebrant
Ronald Cruickshank Marriage Celebrant

If having a unique ceremony appeals to you, please email or call me and we will explore the possibilities.

I am available for customized, nondenominational weddings and other ceremonies and can help you create your own unique ceremony that reflects what is important to you.

I am also available to assist you in planning and conducting Wedding Vow Renewals and other ceremonies of life transition. I can help you to arrange for the inclusion of a wide variety of Arts and Culture in your ceremony.

Brides Choice Awards Finalist 2019