Include a Candle Lighting Ceremony in Your Wedding Script

Candle Lighting Ceremony Ronald Cruickshank

As we pass the candle flame from one to another . . .

The flame of the candle in our centre may symbolize your inner light, Holy Spirit, your oneness and connection with each other in Spirit, as many candles are lit from the one, or symbolize remembrance.

As we pass the flame from one to another we let this tiny light also represent our own rebirth and renewal as we seek meaning in life as we strive for joy, peace and happiness; as we look to future’s promise with our loved ones and share our lives.

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Candle lighting services may be incorporated into weddings, wedding renewals, baptisms, naming ceremonies, memorials, life transition, birthing ceremonies, coming of age, graduation, house blessings, in fact wherever there is an opportunity for a ceremony there may be an opportunity for Candle Lighting Ceremony.

A Sample Candle Lighting Ceremony

Transition to Spring (or to Light)

Preparation –Decorate the Community Hall with blossoms and daffodils of early spring. Have the Community Hall lights dimmed and incense of Lotus burning. Have a medium sized altar table decorated with spring items (toy lambs, calves, ponies and blossoms, seedlings, with a large tower candle. Light the candle. Have a selection of A Course In Miracles (ACIM) cards that focus on rebirth of Awareness, Light and Love on the table. Place a sand box on the table to receive the candles during ceremony. Have sufficient candles for all participants.

Ceremony Procedure –

All – Participants are asked to select an ACIM card form the Altar Table and form a circle.

 Celebrant-welcomes everyone, has participants join hands and tune into their Light within, focusing on the power of Love helping them to come to a cantered space of relaxation and comfort.

 All – Sing Pathways of Light ® Song “Peace is Flowing”

All – are seated and candles are passed out to everyone.

 Celebrant – talks about the significance of journey through a long cold winter and the joy of the coming Light and rebirth into the abundance of spring.

All – close their eyes and meditate on the ACIM message card they have chosen. Music- playing softly in the background. Allow time….

All – one at a time – Light your candle from the altar candle, read your ACIM message to the group and share what insight came to you in your meditation, then place your candle in the sand box on the Altar table and return to your seat.

 Celebrant – when all are done sharing, have the group look at the candles and spring scene on the table, allow time… and share: “As you look at this light, reflect on the dawning of the new spring light, and reflect on the dawning of the awareness of the Light within you. Now close your eyes and observe the Light within you…. Let it grow and expand as the spring now grows and expands into abundance… Allow Love, Peace and Joy to blossom into your lives… Experience the radiance as bright as the daffodils bursting from you and radiating from you to everyone and everything… Send your Love forth with the new breath of spring…. Pay attention to how this feels”… (allow time…)

 Celebrant – Open your eyes, continuing to be aware of radiating Peace and love… Stand and pick up your candle and let’s all put our candles together, symbolizing our joining in the new spring light, one in growth, one in joy, one in Love, one in peace….(All do so) Now return your candles to the sand and sit down…

 Celebrant – Close your eyes and think of beautiful spring scenes that you have enjoyed, and will enjoy… remember the Light, seeing blossoms burst into being ready to bear fruit, seeing new growth bursting from the warmed soil… the energy of peace and abundance flowing forth… think of people in your life who are open and ready for the birth of Light Awareness within them…. (allow time….) Ask if anyone would like to share their experience…

All – stand, join hands and sing Pathways of Light® song, “Brother Do You See the Love in Me”

All – Close your eyes. Now is the time to ask the Holy Spirit or your Higher Self for a message. It may come as a thought, a picture, a feeling, a word or a sentence…. Be still and let Your Higher Self give you a message to take into the new spring with you which you can share with the group… (allow time…)

All – one at a time who is willing – Share their message and how it relates to them at this time.

All – Close with a Pathways of Light® song “Let There be Peace on Earth”

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