Pre-marriage Counselling Sets the Best Foundation for Your Marriage

Marriage Counsellor and Celebrant Ronald Cruickshank

Engage in Pre-Marriage Counselling with

Celebrant and Counsellor Ronald Cruickshank

You deserve to have an

amazing relationship life!

Increase your comfort with each other

Conquer self-consciousness in all forms before it begins. 

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You benefit by accepting yourself.”

Even becoming a bit more comfortable in yourself and in your relationship will have lasting benefit in your married life.

Increase marriage enjoyment 

Enjoyment of your marriage life, of your relationships with friends, of your business relationships, of virtually anything. Unlock your inner- playfulness and strengthen your powers of defence-less-ness, freedom and joy.

Discover how the cycle of defence can lock you in your own prison and find ways to break free of it!

Feel personally opulent as an individual and as a couple

Inner wealth and empathy is the greatest currency especially in marriage. Becoming personally opulent is about becoming personally acquainted with yourself and getting to know your true self and your partner’s true self, as well as your inner powers on a deep and intimate level, in-to-me-see is the key to opulence.

Feel safe in your marriage

Security is your basic human need and your right! Physical, mental, financial, emotional and sexual. You have the right to safety and I offer a safe place for you to discover how to  create a life of safety within your marriage for yourself. There is nothing better than the balm of love, security and safety to bring a secure future to your relationship.

Open up your marriage to deeper levels of communication

Learn how to express your self freely and profoundly without fear of recrimination and judgement!

Increase the Loving connection between each other and feel it grow

Discover ways love can hide so you can bring love back from it’s hiding place and have joy flowing continuously. Explore and understand each other’s

Relationship Love Language. Being able to ask for your needs to be met and receiving that care and consideration is very important for a strong and healthy marriage!

Lock in Intimacy and trust

Trust is the key element in any relationship and trust lives within you, learn how to find your trust and keep it out.

Eradicate stress before it begins

Everyday stressors can wear you down. Discover how to Develop constructive coping strategies. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

Gain clarity 

About yourself and who you are, where you are going and what your reason is for being here now. Set realistic goals and put the steps for achieving your goals with action!ONS