Marriage Process on the Fraser Coast

Thank you for your inquiry and congratulations on your decision to marry!

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Ronald Cruickshank Marriage Certificates

Here is some information about the Marriage process:

Thank you for your inquiry and I am ready to help you design and carry out the very best marriage and wedding ceremony that you can possibly dream of, with wonderful memories to cherish forever!

I have been providing marriage services throughout Australia since 2012 and I take great pride in my services. I also find facilitating weddings to be very enjoyable! I am extremely passionate about providing the best marriage and wedding service and also the continuing learning process, as new ideas and changes in the law evolve.

I am very flexible and take great joy in helping you design your wedding script to meet all your expectations. If you are not sure what you need, I will provide professional advice and information based on years of experience and expert training.

Pash and Dash Marriage Package

Perfect for the small gathering style wedding in a park, or on the beach, where you just want a few friends or family as witnesses, with an easy to follow basic script. relax and enjoy the process!

Includes your Notice of Intended Marriage Form meeting.

Add an Official Marriage Certificate

Save a trip to Service Tasmania and avoid further forms and paperwork…. no need to prove who you are… let me take care of that for you with one simple click when I submit your marriage forms!

This Marriage and Wedding Ceremony Package is for small, intimate gatherings and includes: A Notice of Intended Marriage Form Completion Meeting, Composing with you a Legal Worded script for your wedding, Conducting your marriage service at your location – Hervey Bay area (outside travel extra), All of your legal documents taken care of, A beautiful printed Certificate of Marriage, and Your ceremony script presented to you at the end of the ceremony!

Step 1:

You will need to arrange a meeting with me to submit your Notice of Intended Marriage Form at least 30 days before the wedding in order to meet the legal requirements set out by the Attorney General’s Department. Please go to my online calendar and select a date and time for us to get together and complete that form soon. We can meet in person or on Zoom or Skype. This button will open my calendar in a new window:

Message Ronald:
Book a meeting online:

Step 2:

Attend that meeting. Ideally, it is helpful if you can bring documents for yourself and your partner including: Your Birth Certificates if born in Australia, or your passport if either of you are of international birth. Some Photo ID such as a Driver’s License or Passport.

If previously married I will need to sight the divorce papers, or death certificate if widowed.

If you are unable to supply all of these documents, that is ok, we can do this later, but I will need to sight the original documents prior to your marriage ceremony. At this meeting a deposit is required to secure your wedding day in my diary.

Step 3:

At this meeting we will complete the Notice of Intended Marriage Form as much as is possible, and when you are happy that the content is accurate, after proof reading, we will all sign it. This Form will remain with me until after the marriage is complete. I will provide you with a pamphlet put out by the Justice Department with useful information about marriage in Australia and where to find support services if needed.

Step 4:

Once step 3 is complete, we will discuss the wedding script. I can provide you with several drafts to work from in hard copy or digital form by email. We will determine the date, time and location for your wedding and discuss your desired dress code. It is beneficial if you choose an outdoor wedding, to have an alternative backup venue in case of rough weather.

Step 5:

We will communicate with each other in finalising the script and any other issues that may arise, by phone or email until you are happy with the process. Once this phase is complete, I will prepare your legal documents to be signed at your marriage, and print your decorative marriage certificate. I will contact you a few days before your wedding or wedding rehearsal, to ensure we both have everything we need to complete this step.

Step 6:

Attend your wedding venue at the decided time, prepared to be married with two witnesses who are prepared to sign your legal papers. Witnesses cam be anyone, friends, family, or people you have arranged, the only legal requirement is that they are over 18 years old and speak the language spoken at the ceremony or have an interpreter present if not. I will meet you there at least 1/2 an hour before the starting time.

Step 7:

We will conduct the marriage ceremony in regard to your wishes and in a professional manner. After the ceremony we will proceed to a table where we can all sign and witness the legal documents. At this point, congratulations are in order accompanied by much cheering. Your Marriage is now official!

Step 8:

Traditionally a wedding feast is held somewhere after the wedding, and this is your personal choice. I can help you with many service providers that can help with arrangements, catering, decoration and photography.

As your celebrant, I do not attend the reception unless requested to do so by you.

Step 9:

I will lodge your signed legal documents online with the Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, usually on the same day or the next day after your wedding, but definitely within 14 days of the wedding as is required by law. Once those papers are lodged, I can apply online for your “Official Marriage Certificate” to be sent to you by registered post. You will need this Official Certificate to conduct name changes in Passports, Drivers Licenses, and many other business registrations and such.

If you have arranged with me to purchase your Official Certificate on your behalf, then I will buy that for you and send you a copy of the reciept by email, and include a link where you can track the certificate’s progress. I will also include links to your photo folder if I have taken any pics or videos, as well as links where you can review my services.

Once again, thank you for choosing me as your celebrant, and please get in touch if there is anything I can help you with.


Teshan and Poorni 21.1.23

Teshan & Pooni Kapugedara

Ronald Cruickshank is an outstanding marriage celebrant. He is professional, organized, and truly cares about making your special day as perfect as possible. He takes the time to get to know you and understand your needs, and is always available to answer any questions you may have. The ceremony he performed for us was heartfelt and beautiful, and we couldn’t have been happier. We highly recommend Ronald to anyone looking for a celebrant for their wedding.

January 2023

Damo Russell 2022

Damo Russell

Ron was absolutely amazing from start to finish. Thanks Ron 🙂

December 2022


The wedding was nice and successful under Ron’s host. All the families and friends enjoyed the atmosphere Ron brought. The details were well-explained and well-executed. We strongly recommend the Ron could be the best choice you can find.

December 2022