Art, Culture, and Ceremony in Fraser Coast Hervey Bay Weddings

Marriage of Amarjit and Sandeep January 2023

Cultural Rights, Multicultural Contributions and the Place of the Arts in Culture and Ceremony:

Ceremony comes from the Latin “caerimonia,” which means sacredness, reverence, sacred rite; a formal religious or sacred observance; a solemn rite; also any formal act or observance. The term sacred means designated to be of highest value; regarded with reverence; entitled to veneration or respect by association with divinity or divine things; that which is considered hallowed, holy.

Art plays a very important role in culture and in the use of anointing, consecration and symbolism in the form of movement, music, songs, food, drink, clothing, fragrance, flowers, objects, in fact anything that can remind us, or bring us back to, our spiritual reality.

Culture can be defined as, “The customs and civilization of a particular people or group.” “The way we live, the way we behave, our beliefs, values and customs.” “a binding force that enables a group of people to identify themselves as us,” and “The way we do things around here.”

As a dedicated celebrant I have respect for another person’s cultural beliefs, even if I do not agree or understand them. I appreciate that other countries have a different and often more demanding expectation of a service, and that people live different lives to me.

I stay focused on remembering that each culture is unique to itself, remaining respectful of your culture and customs. I am ready and able to conduct research where needed, and do my best to align your cultural needs with the Marriage Act to give you the best possible experience of your marriage ceremony.

I am familiar with Australian Aboriginal Culture and Welcome to Country, and harbour a deep respect for our Aboriginal Elders and the Traditional Owners of this land.

Marriage of Kiran and Richa March 2023